January 28, 2023

Roundtable with Calvin & Tiger

While at KTSW, my colleague, Tiger Shi and I started a small talk show called Roundtable with Calvin and Tiger.

In this show, we hit on a variety of topics ranging from economic, political, social and religious issue while interviewing different people for their opinions and ideas. Give them a listen! The first few episodes are rough, but we improved along the way.

roundtable with calvin and tiger
Episode 1 – Intro episode and Biden’s Inauguration – Released on: 1/20/2021
Episode 5 – International Women’s Day ft Melanie Salazar – Released on: 3/8/2021
Episode 6 – The effects of 2020 lockdowns ft Dan D’ Avello – Released on: 4/4/2021
Episode 7 – U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policy along with other Global Issues – Released on: 5/6/2021
Episode 8 – American Societal Issues with guests Alexandra and Jake Addis – Released on: 5/8/2021
Episode 9 – Reforming Capitalism with guest Erik Schiller – Released on: 5/18/2021
Episode 10 – Our last episode – Thank you Texas State University – Released on: 5/26/2021