December 8, 2022


A list books that I have published at the moment. Currently, I am working on three more. 

Two of which are prequels to The Blinding. Click on the title or the picture to be taken to Amazon.

The Blinding

The Blinding

A person without a purpose in life is a sad state, however for Alex, this is a reality. Alex looks around at society and is saddened by what he sees. He begins to wonder what life was like before, when people communicated, when people paid attention and when life seemed happier. He wants the world around him to change but he doesn't know how to achieve that change, until a lady approaches him with an answer. Adira is a person with a plan and she knows how to give Alex the purpose he has always wanted as well as the change he has been seeking both externally but more importantly, internally. However, when he receives his purpose, it is not what he expected....


The Life of Nina Miller Harbachuk

This is the story of my grandmother, Nina, who was born in a small village in Poland occupied Belarus called Rahadošč. When Nina was just a child, World War II had begun with the invasion of Poland by the Nazi army.

This story is about her and her family's life during this tumultuous time where they moved from town to town in order to stay alive then eventually they were taken along with many other families by the Nazi's to Germany on cattle trains in order to work in a labor camp in Dingolfing.